(aka Rev. Charles Macpherson – English Translation from the Scottish-Gàidhlig language)

This Website is dedicated to presenting Factual Truth to the public about Rev. Mac a’ Phearsoin that will stand up in any court of law, since there exists full documentation to prove almost every statement made on this website except for the visions in 1961 which would be difficult to prove by actual documentation.

Due to the many years of lies, mis-representations and half-truths made to the public by numerous news media and also by a former business associate, Evelyn Jacobs of Sherwood Park, Alberta, it was felt appropriate, at this time, to present the actual TRUTH about Rev. Mac a’ Phearsoin. Let the Public Judge based upon factual evidence, not the lies and half-truths of the lying news media.

Rev. Charles

Note: The Legal Name on the Canadian Birth Certificate is Teàrlach Barra Eoin Ròs Dunsford-Mac a’ Phearsoin but common usage in the English language is: Charles Macpherson.


Rev. Teàrlach’s ancestor, John Macpherson landed at Orwell Bay, Prince Edward Island in August, 1803 with the Lord Selkirk Ship the Polly, which had set sail from the Isle of Skye, Western Scotland.


Date of Birth: August, 8, 1948

Place: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Rev. Charles in Macpherson Prince Charalie Evening Uniform, 2001

Current Professional Licenses


Alberta Clergy License Number 0470/145

Dept. of Vital Statistics, Government of Alberta


Alberta Commissioner for Oaths License Number 0721726

Dept. of Justice, Government of Alberta

Current Professional Memberships


Current Life Memberships – United Kingdom


Current Annual Memberships

Past Unique Accomplishments and Experiences

(First person in the world to be awarded such coverage).

Current Positions

Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus – Authorized Signing Authority for licensing of clergy, Government of Alberta.

Corporation Founder, Rev. Charles and President, Native Elder Kathleen of PCLC, Edmonton, 2010

Trained in Traditional Aboriginal Medicine

Rev. Teàrlach has studied Traditional Aboriginal Medicine for over 15 years under training from Treaty Status Blackfoot, Nakoda and Cree Native Elders. He has attended over 470 Sweat Lodge Ceremonies over an 11 year period as well as practicing four days, no food-no water Traditional Native Spirituality Fasts four times each year and a seven day, no food-no water Fast prior to receiving the right to hold a Sacred Pipe.

Grand Chief Lawrence Joseph (FSIN), Elder Richard and Elder Charles, Chief's Conference, 2007 in Saskatoon, Sask.

Sacred Pipe Carrier

Teàrlach was granted the right to carry a Sacred Pipe by a recognized Treaty Status Cree Elder and this right was confirmed in writing and witnessed by two Treaty Status Cree Elders and also confirmed in writing and witnessed by a recognized Treaty Status Nakoda Sioux Elder. Rev. Teàrlach believes in the Prophecies of Deganawida and the Hopi Rock of Prophecy and practices the ceremonial teachings of the Oglala Sioux Holy Man, Black Elk.

Rev. Charles performing Wedding on March 17, 2010

All Profits Donated to the Cause of Native Spirituality

Rev. Teàrlach donates any profits earned by his lending and consulting corporations to the furtherance of Christian Spiritism, Native Spirituality and Traditional Aboriginal Medicine Clinics and Colleges.

Shawn, Brad, Rev. CHarles and Rev. Dakota House Aug 15, 2009

Rev. Dakota, Rev. Don, Deacon Jamie, Rev. Charles, Deacon Marilda, Jan 10, 2012 - Best Western

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